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Accessories designed to enhance your Plum experience

Zalto Denk'Art Burgundy Glass

Zalto wine glasses are known for their incredibly lightweight and elegant design, and are hand-blown by master glass blowers in Austria, making them a perfect complement to your wine.


Cleaning Kit

The Plum Cleaning Kit comes with a 1 year supply of cleaning packets and bottle caps to keep your Plum running smoothly.


Plum Argon Canister

Plum's exclusive argon replacement canisters power your Plum to preserve up to 150 bottles of wine, keeping every glass perfectly preserved. 


    Replacement Needles

    Designed for everyday use, Plum’s patented double-cored needle automatically pierces through the foil and closure, simultaneously extracting wine from the bottle and injecting argon gas to prevent oxidation.  Plum's needles are rated to last 300 bottles, so average users should only need to change the needle every few years.