3 year Extended Warranty
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New orders ship within 5 business days
  • Shipping Policy

    New orders ship within 5 business days of order. There is a flat rate of $30 for each Plum ordered in the continental U.S. All Plum orders are shipped via ground. See FAQs for Canadian shipping rates.
  • Returns

    Your Plum may be returned within 30 days of delivery for a refund. US Returns will be charged a return shipping fee of $30. Canada returns will be charged a $60 return shipping fee. Please contact Plum at or 844.856.PLUM for more information.

    Plum is designed and built to the highest quality, durability and innovation. Plum offers a one year limited warranty that covers defects in materials, workmanship and labor for Plum. Plum's warranty period is one year from the date of delivery.

    The following is not covered by this warranty:
    - Abuse or misuse of Plum
    - Usage not in accordance with Plum's product instructions
    - Disassembling or tampering with Plum
    - Problems caused by third party accessories, parts, or components
    -Any Plum product or service that is used outside of the United States or Canada


Accessories designed to enhance your Plum experience

Zalto Denk'Art Universal Glass

Universal Zalto wine glasses are known for their incredibly lightweight and elegant design, Austrian master glassblowers have perfectly executed balance to the rarefied point where form meets function

Two Year Cleaning Pack

A two year supply of cleaning packets and caps to keep your Plum running smoothly

Plum Argon Canister

The Plum argon canister preserves up to 160 bottles of wine, keeping every glass perfectly preserved 

    Replacement Needles

    Plum’s dual-core needles are rated to last 500 bottles each